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Who we are

Whatever your business is, GM PACK S.r.l. is with you!

Thanks to the great staff’s competence, to the attention and the dialogue with the customer, we offer a quick and qualified service and we are able to satisfy both the small and the large enterprise.

The quality is guaranteed both by using cutting-edge products and modern equipment which allow to obtain safe and functional production’s results.

Our main feature is working with a great reliability and accuracy.

An adequate knowledge and a great experience in the market are added to our professional competence so that we can provide the highest quality required standards.

The result is a company that operates with seriousness and professionalism!

Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive tape for packaging easy to use with any dispenser. Thanks to its water-based adhesive is free from solvents and other chemical additives.


We have many years of experience that allows us to guarantee long-term success of our partners in the private labels and special packaging.


With our commercial partners we offer fast deliveries in every continent, satisfying any need of our customers.