The adhesive tape

The adhesive tape is a plastic or a paper tape on which an adhesive substance is applied.
It could be sticky in one side or in both sides (double sided adhesive tape). In the second case one of the two sides is often protected by a film.
The adhesive tape is used to stick the objects in a temporary or permanent way.  It sticks as soon as it gets in contact with the object.
The inventor was the American Richard Drew who merchandised the tape in 1930. It came out in Europe only in 1937.

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Our products

Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive tape for packaging easy to use with any dispenser. Thanks to its water-based adhesive is free from solvents and other chemical additives.


We have many years of experience that allows us to guarantee long-term success of our partners in the private labels and special packaging.


With our commercial partners we offer fast deliveries in every continent, satisfying any need of our customers.